Social Media

It would be adept to say that teens and the young use social media the most. The social media week which started from June 30 will 7th of July 2013 was celebrated by the many SM enthusiasts across the globe. The tools social media has created for all and sundry have becomes their voice and way of communication. Let’s look at a few major changes and numbers.

Photos as Communication Tool

Yes, it is true that photos can’t be replaced with short videos currently. We see million of photos are being added daily on the internet’s many social media and networking websites like Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Google+ and email services like Gmail.

Text messages on cell phones are continuously slowing down and use of pictures, multi media photos or videos) or MMS is becoming the trend. According to CTIA, the trade associations for the wireless industry stated that 2.19 trillion text messages were sent and received in 2012 at 5% less than last year. On the other hand, photos and videos grew by 41 percent to 74.5 billion in 2012.

Furthermore researchers at IDC have determined that by 2015, the global digital information can reach eight trillion gigabytes v/s four trillion gigabytes of 2012. As kids are sending photos and using Facebook comments in substitute of words or as an add-on, there are chances that teenagers can also send objectionable and sexy photos.  Monitoring software like Mobile Spy will track their communication taking place through pictures and videos.

The New Face of Social Media

The new face of social media is that it is definitely stronger than before. During the social media week (2013), according to Peek Analytics, some 118,000 people tweeted about social media and around 20,000 mentions were recorded just on June 30. The apps market has grown in big numbers and there is no doubt that a better way to do things is with apps for kids.

During the social media week, experts and volunteers tried to make social media viable for all generation, there were discussions, short classes, and even few totally new users had taken part that have never tweeted before. We need that technology shouldn’t just be a young man’s game but also elders and parents much adopt it and benefit from its very services.

The New Tools

The introduction of super computer such as the Tianhe-2 that can process 600 terabytes of data on just 1,024 of its 16,000 computing nodes will take computing to extreme next levels. There are radio apps for customers who can now hear music from any county or country via these apps.  Those who love their iPhone for all purpose including for taking photos, have clip on telephoto lens attachment as a good, multi talented investment that can give users optical zoom , more longer depth of field,  less grain in photos while cropping and cut down on unwanted reflections. These are just the icing on the cake and the tools for the tech savvy are plenty. The Mobile Spy is a robust mobile monitoring app that records and logs calls, contacts, chats, IMs, websites, emails, GPS, photos/videos and give comes with more than ten remote commands through its Live Control Panel like to remotely hear surroundings and stealthily take clicks from phone camera.