Monitoring Applications

Have you ever wondered how these monitoring applications really work? How is someone able to monitor the other remotely? It is surely no magic and things are not taking place in vacuum. For anything extraordinary to work, one thing that is surely required is people making that happen. For a tracking application to work, it requires years of building the right code that works in most cases and gets you the information to keep your data and people safe.

For a great automobile to work it requires engineering and at the same time it doesn’t work without knowledge of applied sciences and research and development. The monitoring software like Mobile Spy works on the phone and then parses the information to the administrator.  And the need to monitor is felt everywhere from work offices, to homes, to schools and administrations. There are two things that I am trying to point out here in this post: one the need to have internet (fast speed) and different ways to track phone GPS and other is communication decency act of 1996.

The Internet and its Speed

It is one thing to have great smartphones and tablets with good processors. The other is to have a decent Internet connection. The previous day I was trying to communicate with a friend on Facebook, and the Internet kept disconnecting! The problem was that I thought my messages had gone to the recipient however unless a connection is established, it is not possible for the person to receive my messages.

The importance of data connectivity is huge and we need to keep in mind that most times connectivity is poor in basements and far flung areas. Without any internet, the logs can’t be transferred to one’s online panel either. Then there are two or three ways; the GPS tracking can take place. One is the service provider (whenever u receive/sent text or call), cell towers and the inbuilt GPS in most cell phones.

In case a software is unable to establish a connection with the phone GPS (which is the most accurate), then the cell tower details can be recorded in case the phone is not reachable via call. The best situation to track the GPS details of any phone is when both the service provider coordinates are available (which only the service provider can provide on request) and the GPS of the phone can be called instead of the cell towers.

The CDA of 1996 and the Freedom of Speech Act

The communication decency act states that despite people have freedom of speech as a constitutional right, they are not allowed to speak in obscenity, indulge in slander, broadcast or process objectionable content during prime time when kids can easily view such content. The other is that since all websites require a hosting / collocation provider, these providers are free from any legal responsibility in how the third parties use their services. That is why we see classified site with child sex ads. The other website Craigslist took off such ads voluntarily as a Good Samaritan act (due to pressure from many individual states’ attorney generals).

It is only time that we don’t create more avenues for child sex offenders such as on the internet.Smartphone monitoring apps like Mobile Spy will help block applications, log all websites accessed, emails, photos/videos texts, chats/IM and GPS. It is important parents and employers ensure that everyone use the internet wisely so that we can enjoy our current freedom of speech to comply with the decency of communication as well.